Friday, May 14, 2010

Folk Art is popping up everywhere!

Folk art is popping up everywhere! A "Bee Pile" at Figueroa Produce in Highland Park…..a hanging sculpture made of colored glass and beads at Levantine Cultural Center on Pico…..a miniature truck carrying tiny travelers at Nahui Ohlin in Echo Park. And many other curious objects! 25 to be exact. All over Greater Los Angeles.

These pieces have made their way from private collections into various public spaces to surprise YOU, dear reader, in your daily excursions around town. And they have stories to tell.

So strap on your best walking shoes and keep your eyes peeled for Folk Art Everywhere. Look for the “X” emblem (oh, and downloading a map might help).

Me? I’m headed to Tribal CafĂ© for some frothy carrot orange juice! AND to check out a humble painting made by a famous Ethiopian painter….